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Beef/Chicken Rendang


     Rendang is a popular Malay dish that is now known around the world. It combines spices rich with flavours and grated coconut and coconut milk to subtly mask the gamy flavour of meat.  Rendang is usually made using beef but other meat such as chicken, lamb, seafood and tofu can be used as well. It is widely available in Malaysia at anytime of the year and is a must during Ramadhan and Hari Raya (Eid). 

    I personally feel the best Rendang is Beef Rendang. The rich spicy flavour of the Rendang gravy compliments the texture and flavour of a good beef. I discovered this while I was in a romantic relationship with a Malay Muslim. I was born a Hindu and was still practicing Hinduism while I was in this relationship. Hindus do not consume beef as the cow is a sacred animal so I had never tasted beef before this relationship. However, once I had a taste of Beef Rendang I could not deny its deliciousness. Beef Rendang is still one of my favourite Malaysian dish.

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