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Amma's Sardine Curry


     Canned food can be regarded as heroes in times of need. It is considered by some to be non-glamourous but with its wide range of products, convenience and price point, it can be utilised to produce delicious meals. One example would be my mother's version of canned sardine or canned mackerel curry. For this recipe, my mother uses canned sardine in tomato sauce. The tomato sauce adds on flavour and richness to the curry. Potatoes help in adding more substance to the curry.

      The recipe stated here is versatile and can be used to make different curry such as potato curry. The curry could be made thicker by using lesser water or reducing it over low heat. Canned sardines are known as "budget" food in Malaysia where prices of food are relatively low. It is popular with 'Bujang' or bachelors who cook for themselves as it is cost effective, quick and easy to cook. It could also be stir-fried with garlic and chilli to make a quick and simple sambal. The versatility of canned food in times of need goes a long way, especially when you're far from home.

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